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Making enterprise ShortName service shorter

Previously I wrote about the Google Apps shortname service which lets you set up a tinyurl service for your enterprise.

The article implies that the service can be used without using the FQDN. This is not true. In other words, I had said that "" could be shortened to "go/lunch".

There is a workaround that makes it work. It is difficult to configure, but I've set up a Community Wiki on that explains all the steps. As a wiki, I hope people can fill in the items I left blank, particularly specific configuration snippets for ISC BIND, Windows DHCP server, Linux DHCP clients, and so on.

The new article is here: How to set up Google ShortName service for my domain, so that the FQDN isn't needed

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I've been really disappointed with serverfault in general. I gave it a good shot, made almost 3,000 points. And gave up.

Too many rule mongers, and stingy upvotes. Most questions hang out at really low numbers. My highest scoring question answers usually came from using google correctly.

The questions that really interest me, are usually shouted down with chants of "community wiki" (no economic incentive), or blocked completely with "not a question" (not worth my time to argue).

I really wanted to see it work. But without some serious community redesign I don't see serverfault being THE answer for sysadmin related information.

Sysadmin work is messy.

Serverfault needs to: (a) relax the rules on several fronts, (b) gain active participation from the mods in realigning the community to be more permissive of messy issues (c) allow people (like yourself) to just share (good) information to a wider audience.

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