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What I want in a mobile task management software

The biggest impediment to recording a todo item is that it is inconvenient. I use that excuse to tell myself, "oh, i'll write it down later". Later never comes.

The fewer clicks to the "add a task" prompt, the less likely I can give myself that excuse.

90% of time management is mental.

That's why I recommend paper (no boot-up time), and PDAs like the original Palm that make it very fast (minimal clicks) to write down an idea.

A related excuse happens when I'm in the NYC subway. With no internet connectivity (2G, 3G, or WiFi), any great idea I have on the subway is destined to be not recorded, and often forgotten, if the app I'm using requires the network.

What would be optimal? A "record a task" button right on the phone. You would press-and-hold the button, it would wake up and say "Recording". You would then say your task and use speech-to-text technology to transcribe the idea. If the speech-to-text server isn't reachable, it should hold the audio clip until it can be reached; possibly doing the translation in the background.

The on-screen or physical keyboard should be available too, of course, but what I really want is a super smart, voice activated, task recorder.

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This is what Evernote does, at least on the iPhone. Text, voice and picture notes can be made while offline and they will sync once connectivity is available again.

RememberTheMilk has a pretty nifty command syntax that allows you to set all Task options within a single text line - like "Foo ^Friday 10AM @Mall !1 =30m #Bar" will add the item "Foo" that is due Friday at 10 AM at the Mall, priority one, will take you 30 minutes, and it's tagged as #Bar

I use mail for exchange as supplied with the nokia E71 (I synchronize it with a zarafa server community edition from, by the way, it obviously also works with a Microsoft Exchange server with its web access enabled).

It works quite nice, it has a calendar button that takes you to your agenda and from then it's just a question of adding a new task in it. It synchronizes nicely whenever there is connectivity.

The nokia E71 has not boot up time either :-), just remember to charge the battery every week. O, and its telephone function works nicely as well. I do not work for nokia, I am just a happy customer.

Although it doesn't have voice recording, this is why I like Things Touch on the iPhone. It's always just one button tap to enter a new 'to-do' item, and you needn't fuss about which category or project to file it under - if you don't select one, it just goes into 'Inbox' so you can organise it later.

Until the new Android widget for GetItDone is "done", I'm relying on 3Banana's Android widget for this. Widgets are great for this!

The Livescribe Pulse SmartPen can record voice and can automatically sync and transcribe when you get back to your PC.

All this crap is too cumbersome.

I've either used paper, or more often, Outlook 2007 (sometimes Entourage) syncing with a Blackberry.

Yeah, its not as shiny as an iPhone, but I pull my BB out, hit T to go to the task apps and type out a task to do.

Screwing with the iPhone, its weird on-screen keyboard and all the weird task syncing crap you have to set up is too cumbersome and unreliable.

I can touch type on the BB, and I just plug it into USB to sync it. Yeah, it doesn't have all the benefits and instant syncing of the cloud, but it also lacks the cloud's unreliability and flakiness.

I'm so sick and tired of waiting for Apple to play catchup with the iPhone. Catchup for stuff PalmOS, BB, and WM already did years ago.

A lot of the other commenters have offered tons of suggestions. I've tried most of them, and the key here is that none of these have been convenient, in my experience.

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