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Tom @ BayLISA, Thu, Jan 21, Mountain View, CA

Tom will be speaking about the Ganeti open-source project (manages virtual server clusters). More info at

Two talks in one:

Talk 1: Tom Limoncelli's Top 5 Tips: Time Management for System Administrators: Based on his O'Reilly book, Tom will present his top 5 tips for system administrators. Tom will also have copies of the new 2nd edition of The Practice of System and Network Administration.

Talk 2: Ganeti: Open Source Virtual Cluster Manager: Why should virtualization clusters be difficult to manage? Why do they require expensive SANs and management software? Ganeti is a management layer that sits on top of the virtualization stack of your choosing: Virtualization using Xen, KVM or Containers plus storage using DRBD, flat files, or SANs. Ganeti is open source, written in Python, and is under active development. The largest known Ganeti cluster is 40 physical machines with 240 virtual machines. It supports virtual Linux and Windows instances. The management layer lets you create, manage, and migrate virtual machines with very simple commands. Live migration is supported. Removing the requirement of an expensive SAN permits users to do things such as install one tiny cluster in each of 100 offices around the world, or setting up dozens of large clusters in a major data center. The open source homepage is here:

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