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Greg Lehey wrote an excellent review of The Practice of System and Network Administration in the new issue of The FreeBSD journal. Even though the book isn't FreeBSD-specific, I'm glad FJ was drawn to reviewing the book.

For more about the FreeBSD Journal, including how to subscribe or purchase single issues, visit their website:

I'm a subscribed to the journal and I highly recommend it. The articles are top notch. Even if you don't use FreeBSD, the articles are a great way to learn about advanced technology and keep up with the industry.

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Paul Evans writes:

Next week marks the 20th anniversary of the "big" Synopsys downtime of November 18-20, 1994. It was the most ambitious one we attempted while I was at Synopsys -- a complete reconfiguration of the network in one weekend. It was also the first one we planned and carried out using the flight director and mission control model that Christine and Tom later made known to a wider audience in The Practice of System and Network Administration.

Although not all of you were working at Synopsys in 1994, this is probably the best chance I'm going to have to thank all of you for what you contributed to the downtime process. It was a real highlight of my professional career.


Paul Evans

PS If any of you still have digital photos of any of the downtimes, I'd appreciate it if you could share them.

If you have digital photos from that event, please contact Paul. If you don't have contact info for him, please post a comment.

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I'll be the the keynote at Linux.Conf.Au in 2 weeks so ComputerWorld rang me up for an interview. They asked me about what I'd be speaking about, the challenges of system administration, and my political activism.
Interview with Tom Limoncelli in ComputerWorld: The sysadmin's mantra: Manage time, think 'abundance' and softly does it. Author and system administrator guru Tom Limoncelli offers his insights into a range of sysadmin topics ahead of his keynote speech this month at
Just between me and the readers of this blog, during the interview I had a disquieting realization that the interviewer came from a perspective that open source wasn't the obvious default for everything. Oh yeah, we open source users are still, ya know, cutting edge! What a reality check that was! (Think about that the next time you apt-get!)
Ben Rockwood interviewed Tom for his blog's podcast.  We talk about time management, the history and future of system administration, and a lot more.  Links to the podcast are on his blog

Red Hat Magazine is the first to review the 2nd edition of The Practice of System and Network Administration and they gave us a glowing review. Help-Net Security reviewed it today and had similar positive things to say.

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The 2nd edition of The Practice of System and Network Administration is available at a deep discount from Get 'em while they're hot!

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It's official! You can now pre-order the 2nd edition of The Practice of System and Network Administration. After a year of hard work, we are happy to announce the arrival of our new book. New chapters, new organization, new content, and a new co-author (Hi Strata!) make this a nice update to a "timeless classic".

But don't believe us, read what our unbiased PR department is saying!

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