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Interview with Tom Limoncelli in ComputerWorld

I'll be the the keynote at Linux.Conf.Au in 2 weeks so ComputerWorld rang me up for an interview. They asked me about what I'd be speaking about, the challenges of system administration, and my political activism.
Interview with Tom Limoncelli in ComputerWorld: The sysadmin's mantra: Manage time, think 'abundance' and softly does it. Author and system administrator guru Tom Limoncelli offers his insights into a range of sysadmin topics ahead of his keynote speech this month at
Just between me and the readers of this blog, during the interview I had a disquieting realization that the interviewer came from a perspective that open source wasn't the obvious default for everything. Oh yeah, we open source users are still, ya know, cutting edge! What a reality check that was! (Think about that the next time you apt-get!)

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