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CHIMIT Workshop

I am fascinated by the fact that there are researchers that study system administrators and how to make their work easier/better/etc. The #1 thing they tell me is "we need more interaction with more sysadmins to help guide our research!"

The "CHIMIT workshop" at Usenix LISA 2011 is an opportunity to interact with these researchers.

Read about it here and register to attend!

If you notice there is a new conference listed on the "Awesome Conferences" listing on CHIMIT 2011

CHMIT has published their "Call for Contributions" on their new website

CHIMIT is a conference for people that study IT people, how we work, and how we can work better. It is a small conference and I encourage people (sysadmins and researchers) to participate. We need more things like this!

I've mentioned CHIMIT a number of times including a longer explanation of why this is an important area of study and reported about a panel I was on too.

This year CHIMIT is in Boston, Dec 4-5, 2011. It is concurrent with LISA so you can attend both very easily.

If you know a researcher that studies Human Factors in IT, please make sure they know about the Call For Contributions:

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