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Call For Papers: 5th ACM Symposium on Computer Human Interaction for Management of IT December 4-5, 2011 - Boston, MA

If you notice there is a new conference listed on the "Awesome Conferences" listing on CHIMIT 2011

CHMIT has published their "Call for Contributions" on their new website

CHIMIT is a conference for people that study IT people, how we work, and how we can work better. It is a small conference and I encourage people (sysadmins and researchers) to participate. We need more things like this!

I've mentioned CHIMIT a number of times including a longer explanation of why this is an important area of study and reported about a panel I was on too.

This year CHIMIT is in Boston, Dec 4-5, 2011. It is concurrent with LISA so you can attend both very easily.

If you know a researcher that studies Human Factors in IT, please make sure they know about the Call For Contributions:

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The only problem is that my boss doesn't care at all about my need of going to conferences let alone paying my expenses.

The last conference I attended was so boring I even don't remember the name of the lecturer.

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