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Upgrade to the new edition!

Amazon is having a time-limited sale today that includes the new edition of The Practice of System and Network Administration. This is a good way to get the new edition at a deep discount:

Follow this link. It should be somewhere on this page.

The deal is only available today (Tuesday, 22-Nov) from 12:05 PST to 6:05 PST.

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Christine Hogan and I will be co-presenting a talk at Usenix LISA '16 entitled "Stealing the Best Ideas from DevOps: A Guide for Sysadmins without Developers". Full details are on the LISA website. The talk will cover a lot of the devops-y material from our newest book, the 3rd edition of TPOSANA. We'll be doing a book-signing shortly after the talk.

In addition, I'll also be teaching two half-day tutorials: "Personal Time Management: The Basics for Sysadmins That Are Overloaded" and "How to Not Get Paged: Managing On-Call to Reduce Outages".

Links to all of this here.

If you haven't registered for LISA yet, do it now!

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You do? Then you should attend SESA '16 in Boston, Dec 6, 2016. For more info go to (I'm particularly looking forward to Nicole's opening keynote.)