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TPOSANA on Amazon Lightning Deals today only!

Upgrade to the new edition!

Amazon is having a time-limited sale today that includes the new edition of The Practice of System and Network Administration. This is a good way to get the new edition at a deep discount:

Follow this link. It should be somewhere on this page.

The deal is only available today (Tuesday, 22-Nov) from 12:05 PST to 6:05 PST.

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Should probably rename the blog part of the site "Everything Adverts", because of late - with the rare exception that actually is about sysadmin - that's what it appears to be; adverts.

Time to reduce the number of feeds I subscribe to by one it seems...

Yeah, the 6 months around any book release this blog becomes more heavily tilted towards self-promotion. The time I have left over for technical blog posts mostly goes toward writing ACM Queue columns, which I think to but I don't repost verbatim.

Hi Tom, I just wanted to say I appreciate the heads up about the promotion. I don't mind some self-promotion around a book release. Thanks for all you do!

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