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Here are my predictions for 2015:

  1. Bloggers who make stupid, attention-getting, predictions will not be held accountable when those predictions don't come true.
  2. Windows-only enterprises have started buying Apple laptops to run Windows 10 due to the lower repair rate of the higher quality hardware. This trend will increase and Apple will run a marketing campaign to take advantage of the trend.
  3. The battle between Docker and CoreOS to define the container format of the future will stall the industry as it gets more and more nasty. If you thought VHS vs. Betamax was bad, or that AT&T vs. BSD Unix was bad, this will be 100x worse.
  4. The Microsoft container equivalent of docker will create more confusion than anyone could have expected.
  5. Sadly the trend of encouraging girls to get interested in STEM at a young age will dissipate moments after the media spotlight goes away.
  6. At least one company will claim to sell a "DevOps Appliance" that you can plug in, press the "on" button, and "have devops at your company".
  7. I will not make fun of a company for marketing to my employer's WHOIS contact.
  8. The industry that makes and sells bloated, over-priced, shitty, software development tools (the ones that have caused many of the problems in our industry) will repackage those tools as "DevOps" and make a lot of money doing so.
  9. "DevOps is more than Release Engineering" will be the theme of at least one DevOps conference.
  10. Real products announced on April 1st will be dismissed as jokes... again.
  11. Google will cancel the following projects: Sites, Code, and... probably a lot more too.
  12. By December 2015, Tom Limoncelli will decide not to do another "Predictions for next year" blog post.

These are my predictions for 2015. I wish all my readers success and happiness in 2015.

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Warning! Upgrade now! There is a security hole in the git client.

UNTIL YOU UPGRADE: Do not "git clone" or "git pull" from untrusted sources.

AFTER YOU UPGRADE: Do not "git clone" or "git pull" from untrusted sources. THE CODE YOU JUST DOWNLOADED IS UNTRUSTED AND SHOULD NOT BE RUN, YOU FOOL!

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InfoQ interviewed the authors of The Practice of Cloud System Administration and included it as part of their review of the book.

Read it here!

Win Treese interviewed me and my co-authors about the book.

An Interview with the authors of "The Practice of Cloud System Administration" on DevOps and Data Security

We discussed DevOps in the enterprise, trends in system administration, and at the end I got riled up and ranted about how terrible computer security has become. has published an excerpt from our book "The Practice of Cloud System Administration: Designing and Operating Large Distributed Systems Vol 2".

The article has a title that implies it is about capacity planning for data centers but it's really about capacity planning for any system or service.

Room to grow: Tips for data center capacity planning

If you like that it, there's 547 more pages of good stuff like that in the book.

This is LOPSA NJ's birthday meeting. There will be cake!

The topic for this month's LOPSA NJ Chapter meeting is Chocolatey. It is a package manager that brings a lot of the benefits that Linux package systems have to the Windows world. Whether you use Windows or Unix, this presentation will be very educational.

  • Topic: Intro to Chocolatey: A Windows Package Manager
  • Speaker: Derek Murawsky
  • Date: Thursday, December 4, 2014
  • Time: 7:00pm (social), 7:30pm (discussion)
  • Location: Lawrenceville, NJ (near Princeton)

For full info about the meeting click here.

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