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Predictions for 2015 that you can't live without!

Here are my predictions for 2015:

  1. Bloggers who make stupid, attention-getting, predictions will not be held accountable when those predictions don't come true.
  2. Windows-only enterprises have started buying Apple laptops to run Windows 10 due to the lower repair rate of the higher quality hardware. This trend will increase and Apple will run a marketing campaign to take advantage of the trend.
  3. The battle between Docker and CoreOS to define the container format of the future will stall the industry as it gets more and more nasty. If you thought VHS vs. Betamax was bad, or that AT&T vs. BSD Unix was bad, this will be 100x worse.
  4. The Microsoft container equivalent of docker will create more confusion than anyone could have expected.
  5. Sadly the trend of encouraging girls to get interested in STEM at a young age will dissipate moments after the media spotlight goes away.
  6. At least one company will claim to sell a "DevOps Appliance" that you can plug in, press the "on" button, and "have devops at your company".
  7. I will not make fun of a company for marketing to my employer's WHOIS contact.
  8. The industry that makes and sells bloated, over-priced, shitty, software development tools (the ones that have caused many of the problems in our industry) will repackage those tools as "DevOps" and make a lot of money doing so.
  9. "DevOps is more than Release Engineering" will be the theme of at least one DevOps conference.
  10. Real products announced on April 1st will be dismissed as jokes... again.
  11. Google will cancel the following projects: Sites, Code, and... probably a lot more too.
  12. By December 2015, Tom Limoncelli will decide not to do another "Predictions for next year" blog post.

These are my predictions for 2015. I wish all my readers success and happiness in 2015.

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for 4, rofl

Ok, this one gets me

"Windows-only enterprises have started buying Apple laptops to run Windows 10 due to the lower repair rate of the higher quality hardware. This trend will increase and Apple will run a marketing campaign to take advantage of the trend."

OK, so you have hardware that is essentially built for running OSX only. I get the optimisation there and having specific drivers matched with the kernel, etc. None of that should apply to windows 10!

I also get that Mac does have marginally better build quality then most PC laptops. But seriously are they really that different. My iphone 5c bent long before the Iphone 6's came out. It's the same factory and the same model, aka MAKE IT CHEAPER no matter what.

So why do people go running for a mac to run Linux or Windows whatever on? Yes, their hardware is reasonably good. But I doubt if their failure rates are really better then Lenovo or Sony. (goggling now too see if there are actual manufacturer failure rates available.)

Colin McD,

It's not necessarily just about the hardware being superior to other vendors like Dell, Lenovo, etc. The main reason we started using Mac's as our base hardware is that the support is amazing, but more importantly the hardware you receive is consistent.

Back in early 2013 I purchased a batch of Dell E6430 laptops and then later on in the same year I purchased a second batch. The second batch had a number of different onboard components such as the WiFi NIC, Ethernet, and GPU. What did this mean? Well, it mean't that the base image that we created for the early 2013 batch of E6430's was not 100% compatible with the new batch of E6430's, so we had to create a separate image.

Now we had to support and maintain two separate images for essentially the "same" model of hardware. I have yet to experience this issue with the Mac. An early 2013 model vs late 2013 model may have more RAM or a higher clock rate CPU, but the core components are the same making our imaging process easier to maintain.

From the community aspect it is awesome too. A new release of becomes available and somebody online has already ironed out all of the quirks (if any) of running that distro on a Mac making everybody who has that Mac's life easier.

So, to summarize I found that it's the consistency that makes Apple hardware more appealing.

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