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Book Signing at Usenix LISA next week

I'll be doing a book signing at Usenix LISA on Friday at 10:30am in the LISA Lab. The first 10 people to arrive will receive a free (printed) copy of the new book The Practice of Cloud System Administration. (I'll also sign other books you bring.) For info about the new book, please attend my talk "Radical Ideas from the Practice of Cloud Computing" on Wednesday at 11:45am-12:30 pm in Grand Ballroom C. I'll also be teaching tutorials and mini-tutorials.

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Can't wait! This will be my first LISA conference, but I suspect I'll be returning often. I've got three of your books packed and ready to be signed. Maybe I'll finally get a chance to read the Time Management book on the flight over. :)

I look forward to meeting you!

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