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Three problems with the DevOps community

  1. People that complain that the enterprise world doesn't get DevOps but don't participate in enterprise conferences.
  2. Lack of a "sound bite" definition of DevOps; leads to confusion. I was recently told "DevOps means developers have to carry pagers... that's why our developers don't want anything to do with it." If that's the definition that is getting out, we're in trouble.
  3. Engineers thinking that "if something is good, it doesn't need marketing". Tell that to the many inventions of Nikola Tesla that never got turned into products. The "build a better mouse trap and people will beat a path to your door" myth was debunked years ago.

So... what are you doing to change this?

Posted by Tom Limoncelli in DevOps

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The opposite to 'developers have to wear pagers' was 'Everyone is a sysadmin so no one has to worry.' because everyone has root and can fix things when they are broken. The other one was 'We don't need testing because we if we live in production we fix it in production.'

At this point I have no idea what DevOps is any more than I know what XaaS really means (depending on X and the person telling me how their thing is the new X).

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