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Usenix LISA overlaps election day!

Usenix LISA is early this year. This means two things: It isn't overlapping the December holiday rush (yeah!) but it overlaps with election day (boo!).

New Jersey has an important election this year. I don't want to miss it. Therefore I'm sending away for my New Jersey Application For Vote by Mail Ballot right away. In all states you can vote by Absentee Ballot but you can't do it "same day". You have to write in to apply well in advance and mail it in (depending on the state) far in advance of the real election day. Information on how to do this in your state is available online.

If there's an important election (and they're all important, IMHO) in your state, be sure to find out what you have to do so that your vote is counted.

And if you live in New Jersey, I hope you vote for Barabara for Governor. Or at least vote against our mean-spirited Governor who vetoed the same-sex marriage equality bill that passed in both the Assembly and Senate. He vetoed any attempt to stop corruption related to Hurricane Sandy Relief. He vetoed the bill to decriminalize marijuana. He's a mean-spirited man that should not be in politics. Let's get him out of Trenton.

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