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Google StreetView visits my office... literally!

One of the enticements to work at Stack Exchange was that I would be given my own office and it would have a door that closes. What a luxury! Was I special? No, our CEO believes that all engineers should have private offices so they can have peace and quiet when they're trying to get work done. Not that we're unsocial. We use chat rooms and video conferences constantly. Considering that half my team works remotely, we'd be communicating that way anyhow.

Shortly after I started my new job I went away for 2 weeks to get married and go on a honeymoon in Maui.

Guess what happened while I was away? The Google StreetView people brought their gear into the Stack Exchange NYC office! The imagery went live today.

Sadly being away meant I didn't get to decorate my office but I thought I'd show you what my office looks like when it is practically new:

Another nice thing about having an office with a window is that I have a beautiful view. When I need a break, I turn and look out the window and gaze the boats floating by. I can see the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhatten Bridge quite clearly. Sadly StreetView didn't bring their gear into my office to record this, but here's the next office over which has basically the same view.

Jealous? Well don't be! We just announced we're hiring a developer for our Site Reliability Team. You should apply.

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