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Someone asked me the other day if I had a "secret of my success". They didn't believe that I got this far on my good looks. (ha ha ha). For most of my career I've been on teams of people where some knew how to code and others didn't. The ones that could code were significantly more productive than the others.

Currently I do most of my programming in Python and BASH. There is an excellent full-day tutorial on Python at this year's LISA. There are also full-day tutorials on Puppet, Chef, BASH Shell Scripting ("the command line" is more than just typing commands, eh?).

I've put together a list of programming-related tutorials at this year's LISA. All of them are taught by people that I personally know are excellent and caring instructors.

Check out my list of Usenix LISA tutorials that improve your programming skills.

This year the conference is in Washington D.C., Nov 3-8.

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