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stackexlogo.pngLast week I started my new job at You may know SE as the company that runs great Q&A websites like and plus their amazing job site Careers 2.0. I know the company as Joel Spolsky's startup that has been hiring a lot of great people that I know through conferences such as like LOPSA-East, the Cascadia IT Conference, and USENIX LISA. I just joined yet I already feel like everyone is an old friend.

StackExchange encourages its employees to be active in the sysadmin community. You'll be seeing me at more events and having more time to write. I'll be doing a lot more traditional Linux system administration and Puppet, which should give me a lot to write about.

Today my coworker Steve Murawski posted to the ServerFault blog an announcement of my arrival that made me blush. Check it out!

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Awesome! What a great company to join, they really have saved countless sysadmin asses with the helpful folks who use these services.

Holy crow! Congratulations, Tom!

Congratulations once again on the new gig!

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