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Last night I had a nightmare...

...that I got caught in a "spear phishing attack". (A malware attack where they send an email specifically crafted to one or two people.) The email was a receipt from a hotel that I stay at occasionally but it listed the address as being in South Carolina instead of San Francisco. I clicked on the PDF to read it and then realized I was being phished because I haven't been to South Carolina in ages and the invoice mentioned a coworker that I've never traveled with. I started shutting down my computer and made plans to wipe the disks; glad I have good backups but not wanting to go through the pain of being without my laptop until I could do this.

That's when I woke up.

Yes, it was a dream.

I have friend that only click on web links if they are on a ChromeOS machine. The use many machines but if they get a link that is outside their domain they move it to a ChromeOS box to click on it. That's an interesting discipline to develop. I wonder how soon more people will do that.

It used to be there was a small group of people that were extremely paranoid about giving out their social security number or credit card numbers. At the time people called them "paranoid". Now there is this thing called "identify theft" and those people are considered to be "forward thinkers".

I wonder what paranoid behavior today will be normal in the future.

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I have Lynx installed and use that as my default browser with javascript disabled. I know something's fishy when it cranks up. Fortunately it is pretty well so gimped that whatever the link or page address is that tried to start it can't really go anywhere.

I've been opening questionable links on a spare Android tablet (actually a hacked Nook) for a long time. It's a safe environment that definitely can't run Windows binaries.

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