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What's your "LISA '12 moment"?

Every year at Usenix LISA it seems that there is a moment where someone says something that makes me want to jump up and shout, "OMG! Learning that just paid for my entire conference!"

It may be something an instructor says at a tutorial, a presenter says at a paper or Invited Talk. Often it is something you learn from the person you just happened to start chatting with while on line waiting for lunch.

If you have a "LISA Moment", I encourage you to tweet it with hashtag #lisa12 #moment or post it as a comment to this post.

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For me, that's Ganeti. I can't think of anything else that lets me build my own VM cluster at the price point it offers, using all open source software. It gives me access to a learning opportunity that I could not have otherwise had without significant funding from a workplace.

Thank you for your presentation and your efforts on Ganeti.

for My two colleagues it was "the Linux performance tuning tutorial in Thursday" and configuration management CFEngine3, Chef, and Puppet

For me, it was definitely Mark Burgess & Carolyn Rowland's workshop on navigating the business world as a sysadmin. It totally reframed my ideas about workplace interaction, goals, and purpose in what I do.

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