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Tom @ LOPSA-NYC, Wed Jan 11, 2012, NYC, NY

I'll be the speaker at LOPSA NYC's meeting in January. This will be a repeat of the "DevOps@Google" talk that I gave at LISA 2011. It was very well-received. If you missed it at LISA, this may be your last chance to see it live.

Official announcement:

(Please register so you can get into the building. The registration form is at the bottom of the log post)

The talk starts at 7pm. Please come early so you can get through security.

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Hello sir! I saw this talk at LISA '11 and completely loved it -- I run a small DevOps team and we really want to utilize some of the excellent thinking in your presentation to help us sensibly expand our presence and impact in our organization. However, I noticed that there are no video or slides for the LISA presentation available on their site ... did you publish the presentation anywhere that I can see it again? (I did take notes, but could really use more detail and study material. ;) Alternately, could you recommend any books that would help us implement a version of the SRE model?

Thanks again for the excellent talk!
Marie H.

P.S. Have you considered switching your site to using ReCaptcha? There's a wonderful TED talk about why:

The video will appear on in a week or two.

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