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Tom @ NYLUG, 6:30pm, March 16, 2011

Tom will talk about why sysadmins are bad at time management and why it usually isn't your fault. Tom will present his "Top 5" time management tips for better time management, and take Q&A about time management, system administration, and what its like to work at Google.

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So if you ever come to visit Germany, I'm organising a local admin meeting in Berlin and have contacts to several other Cities all around Germany.

(And we already hat a colleague of yours speaking at Berlin and Hamburg).

Beer would be on me. ;-)

I'll keep that in mind! (are you anywhere near Dresden, Saxony? I've always wanted to visit a friend there)

Sorry for the late answer. Depends on how you define "near". 200km or about two hours by train, if you use the direct connection.

Besides Berlin and Dresden there are several more nice places to visit.

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