Awesome Conferences

Any CSS gurus in the house?

Help me fix the "awesome sysadmin conferences" box on so it works better when the window is narrow. (or other suggestions on how to make it look better)


Update: Fixed thanks to morgan!.

Posted by Tom Limoncelli in Site Announcements

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Hi, I would recommend putting a div around all the blogbody divs called content and float that left. You might have to play with the left menu as well. Then your conferences box will float to the right. If you set a min-width to the blogbody div, that will also help, but its not supported in older IE browsers. If you need more help, shoot me an email and I'll help offline

I would make the box of static width or put a min-width.

In cases like this is better to have something static than an fluid layout.

Just put this in your style.css:

.blogbody {
margin-right: 200px;

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