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Overheard at the office: Perl edition

Coworker evaluating a stack of resumes: "This guy blatantly lies on his resume. Nobody has 15 years of Perl experience!"

Me: Um... I do.

C.e.a.s.o.r: What?

Me: (thinks a bit) 1991. Either July or August. Perl was at 4.032 or 4.033 if I recall. That would be (thinks for a second) 19 years!

C.e.a.s.o.r: (look on his face of shock and horror) Oh. I guess he isn't lying.

Me: Damn kids! Get off my lawn!

(this happened last year... I delayed this post so-as to obscure any possibility of identifying information)

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Wow, that's pretty sad, but I think there's both a trend here: as knowledge becomes more specialized, people tend not to know things about what came before what they're working on.

In particular, I'm really curious as to *why* this Googler didn't think that anyone could have 15+ years of Perl experience?

Hmm, I guess I started with, roughly, Perl 4.036 in 1992 or 1993. I remember learning a good chunk of it from the man page.

When we moved to Europe from Russia 1993, my father was accused of lying too. He said that he has been programming Clipper 5 for over 2 years and the guy responded "Clipper 5 has been out there for less than 2 years!".

But in this case I guess it was the whole "from Russia" thing.

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