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Taos Women In Technology event next week in San Jose, CA

[ I'm forwarding this invitation because I know a lot of readers are in San Jose. Also, Prof. Nicole Velasquez (Pepperdine University) will be speaking and she does some awesome sysadmin research! ]

Taos is hosting a very special gathering for women in technology. If you know Perl is more than just a pretty necklace, then we want to meet you! Whether you're a system or network administrator or a Project Manager, we welcome all of you to a networking opportunity on Thursday, March 31, from 6-8 PM that will be held at FAZ Restaurant (1108 North Mathilda Avenue, Sunnyvale). This gathering is the first of its kind to exclusively promote and recognize the talented community of women in technology. According to the last SAGE survey, less than 10% of sysadmins in the industry are women. Studies of women in engineering also suggest that we interact more with colleagues and do more "invisible" work. Join us as we discuss how to make that essential work more visible to our colleagues.

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We have also begun partnering with Prof. Nicole Velasquez (Pepperdine University), who spent her early career in system administration. Her research focuses on acceptance and impact of knowledge and information systems, as well as how women share knowledge about their sysadmin work differently from men. Nicole's current projects investigate the success of knowledge management systems and business intelligence in high risk environments. Nicole is looking forward to sharing her research with you and the broader community to enhance your experience in the industry. At Taos, women are an active part of the Taos community and we hope to promote the growth of this group not only at Taos, but across the industry. As a Minority Business Enterprise- certified company, Taos values diversity in the workplace and believes you will find this a valuable opportunity to network and mingle with like-minded women in the industry.

The evening filled with extraordinary wine and an exquisite dinner is, of course, on us and we are glad to offer this opportunity to everyone invited. Taos is an IT consulting and services company, always trying to keep its finger on the pulse of the Silicon Valley. The evening will be informal where work and life can mingle in a natural and fun way. I hope that you will join us, and we look forward to a great evening. For questions about the event, contact Stacy Ernst at [email protected].

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