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LM fundraising campaign day 2: 12%

Thanks to the people that have donated $120 so far, we have reached 12% of the goal of raising $1,000 to help keep Lyon-Martin Health Services open. This clinic served 2500 patients last year and will close if they can not raise $250,000 very soon. Remember that if we reach $1,000 by Feb 3th I'll chip in another $500.

Wouldn't you love to know you forced Tom give up $500 more than he originally planned?

As mentioned yesterday, I am matching the first $1,000 donated by my friends, readers, and fellow geeks.

To be honest, I'm a bit disappointed that only $120 has been raised so far but the campaign is still young. There are 6 more days left.

There are about 3,000 people that regularly read this blog. If everyone donates $1 that would triple the goal. If a third of you skipped one $5-$10 visit to Starbucks and donate the money instead, it would make me very happy.

$10 is very little to the typical sysadmin reading this. However by all working together we can meet this goal and help a lot of women in the bay area.

LM has made is very easy to donate via Paypal. Click here.

If you haven't donated, please post a comment and tell me what I could do to encourage you! You ever know, I might do it!

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Donated $50 yesterday.

And just remembered Laszlo's e-mail on Monday, and donated another $100.

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