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67% of the goal reached! Please help me make it to 100%

I'm matching the first $1000 and if we make it there, I'll donate another $500. Please help us get there. Thanks to Nathan, Michael, Lee, Jennifer, David, Gabe and Dave so far!

We've accumulated $670 so far. Maybe we should set the goal to $2000?

Paypal makes it easy to donate.

Best quote so far, "I figure the dude's helped me save AT LEAST $10 worth of wasted effort over the years, if he seems to dig Lyon-Martin Women's Health, then I do too."

If my books have helped you, please donate. If for some reason you don't like me and/or want revent, donate a LOT so that we hit the $1,000 mark and I'm forced to donate another $500. :-)

How's that for motivation?

Paypal makes it easy to donate.

$10 would be awesome. More is better-er.

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