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Goal at 94%! Your donation can push us over the top!

Would you please help me and help thousands of women in San Francisco?

We are so close to the goal of raising $1,000 for Lyon-Martin! Thanks to everyone that has donated so far! The response has been very impressive.

LM has made is very easy to donate. Click here.

$10 or $5 will really help. I'm matching the first $1000 and if we reach $1000 I'll donate another $500. Hopefully one of my books has saved you much more than $20, why not "pay it forward"?

To a syadmin $10-$20 is chump change. Donate today and help save this clinic!

LM has made is very easy to donate. Click here.

Once you have made your donation, email the paypal receipt to [email protected] or paste your confirmation code into this form and I'll count it towards the matching program.

NEXT WEEK: Next week I'll be posting a series of tips on how to improve your memory, starting with how to remember names. Look for it!

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