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Stack Overflow, the uber-popular software developers' Q&A site created by Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood in 2008, now has a sister site called Server Fault. This new site, designed with the needs of system administrators in mind, uses the same engine that Stack Overflow does for voting, editing, and tagging.

We heard about Spolsky and Atwood's plan to launch an I.T.- themed site back in January of this year, but it wasn't until the end of May - only days ago - that the site actually went live for the public to use.

Already, the site has engaged some well-known members of the I.T. Professional community, including Thomas A. Limoncelli, the author of several system administration books including April Fools' Day RFCs.

My question for you, dear readers, is whether or not you think this this is a cheap ploy to get me to mention it on my blog? Post your answer in the comments!

Posted by Tom Limoncelli

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121 reputation? Oh, come on, Tom. You can do so much better than that!

Spend some spare time in the salt mines and answer some questions ;-)

Sure 121, but Tom's reputation is not in doubt if you consider the many references of him, his work and his books both on and

No, I was teasing. Tom's reputation is in no danger at all, especially among the crowd at serverfault.

This thread should be an adequate display of that:

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