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Netflix Streaming over IPv6

Netflix has announced their streaming service is now accessible over IPv6.  This means that their CDN provider, Limelight, is now the first CDN to provide IPv6 service.  Netflix says it took two months of engineering (from initial idea to completion) and Limelight says they only had to allocate two engineers to the project.  IPv6 is easy.  Forget all your old misconceptions.

At my house we have Comcast for our internet access.  Now I just need them to provide it and I'm ready!  If Comcast needs a beta tester, please reach me!  tal at everything sysadmin dot com, folks!

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Whilst it is accessible over IPv6, it is not accessible from an IPv6-only network since the dns servers for do not have any IPv6 glue registered with the TLD.

You can check with the command `dig in ns`

Hopefully this is merely and oversight and will be corrected soon :-)

If your provider doesn't offer IPv6 you can always use tunnel. and work fine for me.

If I find the time, I'll write a small howto this weekend about bringing IPv6 to a dedicated server.

Comcast is looking for IPv6 testers. Looks like a match made in heaven!


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