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Everyone that has seen me speak knows that I love RT for tracking user requests. I was IMing with the author of RT today and he said that for his next product he realized he should first write a good tool that lets him make AJAXy applications without having to do all the work manually. He's done that, and its called Jifty. Now he's building apps based on that. The first one has as many features as RT but is 1/10th the code base. Awesome! Sounds like Jifty is going to be a big hit! (You can find Jifty in CPAN already.)

Oh, and what's the new app called? Hiveminder.

Let the rumors fly! :-)

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Actually, administering RT was a bear, and I haven't recommended it for companies I've worked at since using RT. Basically, you need a DBA to deal with it, which was great since I wanted the experience, but for a sysadmin shop, it's a lot of work. I didn't want to disrecommend it, though, since it is a great product, just a bit bloaty (and since the owner knows that I find it bloaty and so do other folks).

However, this new product, with less code base, sounds great!

I've been a fan of RT since we worked together at Lumeta. It's come such a long way since version 1! I can't wait to see Hiveminder (though I guess I'm going to have to.. I'm not in the beta test group..)! And you finally looked at Jifty, eh? What did I tell you? Perl on Rails, bay-bee! :D

I'm a massive fan of RT, it is difficult to set it up the way you want, but once you do "Oh My!", It's got every extension under the sun and its unbelivable what you can do with it, you want stats? You got Stat's, You want an inbuilt Asset Database? You got it! I'm working on using it as an ITIL compliant CMDB and it's the closest thing I've come across in the open source world to what I need! Oh yeah I hate all of you who ever mentioned the word Hiveminder, I can't get the damn thing out of my head since Tom mentioned it, I have no idea what the thing is! Damn it's like the old segway mystery coming around again! Hope it's worth the hype.

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