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Chapter by chapter view of TMSA

Human Modem is blogging a chapter-by-chapter review of Time Management for System Administrators. He's given me permission to reprint the email he recently sent me.
Hi Tom,
I wanted to let you know that I recently picked up your "Time Management for System Administrators" book and fell in love with it! I had previously read and enjoyed "The Practice of System and Network Administration" and I knew right away that I had to pick up this book. It seemed to magically come to my attention at a time when I was getting bogged down at work and really starting to feel the stress. The suggestions have really helped me out and I've taken to giving it a chapter-by-chapter review on my blog ( Check it out if you have a free moment, I would greatly appreciate any feedback.
Once again, this book has been a real lifesaver! Easily the best investment I've made so far this year.
Take care,
Phillip McCollum
His blog is quite interesting and is RSS-subscribable or can be read via a feed into LiveJournal.

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