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Solaris package tip

Since I'm more of an OS X/FreeBSD/Linux person lately, I've gotten a bit out of touch with Solaris administration. I was quite pleasently surprised to find CSW - Community SoftWare for Solaris which includes hundreds of pre-built packages for Solaris. More importantly, it provided the three I really needed and didn't have time to build. :-)

The system is really well constructed. I highly recommend it to everyone. Give this project your support!

Posted by Tom Limoncelli in Technical Tips

If a laptop breaks once in the first three years of use, and you have 36 laptops, you could have one repair situation every month. Do the math to fit your network. Now, should you be treating broken laptops as emergencies with ad-hoc procedures or as a part of what you are set up to do as part of regular operations?

Posted by Tom Limoncelli