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Solaris package tip

Since I'm more of an OS X/FreeBSD/Linux person lately, I've gotten a bit out of touch with Solaris administration. I was quite pleasently surprised to find CSW - Community SoftWare for Solaris which includes hundreds of pre-built packages for Solaris. More importantly, it provided the three I really needed and didn't have time to build. :-)

The system is really well constructed. I highly recommend it to everyone. Give this project your support!

Posted by Tom Limoncelli in Technical Tips

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2 Comments | Leave a comment is another great place to pick up that package you need to stick on a machine that doesn't have gcc on it.

Check out Solaris 10, as it now comes with these tools in /usr/sfw. I'll be interested in seeing how long it takes to update certain apps compared to similar setups like Cygwin. Might not be an option for production systems, but good for a sysadmin to tool with while getting familiar.

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