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In Section "Converting a host at a time: dual stack," O'Reilly's IPv6 Network Administration by David Malone and Niall Murphy mentions our book:

For advice on how to manage and plan maintenance properly see The Practice of System and Network Administration by Limoncelli and Hogan (Addison-Wesley), but be prepared to feel embarrassed at how disorganized you are.
Gosh, I always hoped people would use the book to prevent embarrassment!

Posted by Tom Limoncelli


Spring has sprung. It's time to think about gardening.

It dawned on me today that rather than weeding my garden a little bit each weekend it would be much more efficient if I just spent this entire weekend pulling up weeds. It would be the same amount of time, just consolidated into one weekend instead of spreading it out across the entire summer.

Yes? The person raising your hand in the back row has a question. How would this work since it's the beginning of spring and I haven't planted yet?

Posted by Tom Limoncelli

Are comments working?

I haven't been getting a lot of comments lately. Is this feature working?

If comment-posting doesn't work for you, please email to my username which is tom at a machine called Thanks!

Posted by Tom Limoncelli