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CIO magazine on AT&T Wireless's IT problems

Suppose you had a major upgrade project that wasn't going well. How could you make it worse? Why not take steps that start rumors that large layoffs are coming?

"While employees struggled to fix glitches in the CRM upgrade, CEO John Zeglis confirmed the layoff rumors, saying AT&T Wireless would soon lay off 1,900 workers."

Don't worry, I'm sure AT&T Wireless won't miss the thousands of new customers and an estimated $100 million in lost revenue.

I used to work for a very large telecom company that announced layoffs any time it needed a boost in the stock price. I could never figure that out. When don't companies want a boost in their stock price? The problem, of course, is layoffs for layoff-sake is never a good thing for morale, nor business.

Posted by Tom Limoncelli

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