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Tom accepts position at CIBERNET

Hey folks! On March 30, 2004 I accepted the the role of Director, IT Services at CIBERNET based in Bethesda, MD. I'll be working from their Scotch Plains, NJ office, but traveling to the D.C. area a lot. I started on April 1 (I've always wanted to start a job on April Fools Day!).

As many of you know, in December I took a leave of absence from Lumeta. I rented a place in Vermont and volunteered full-time with the Dean For America campaign. When the campaign ended I returned to my old place in New Jersey to volunteer locally, reflect on politics in this country, and do a number of pro bono projects for local non-profits and campaigns.

I was contacted by CIBERNET through an old friend. I was interested in the company's plans but most of all I was impressed by the skill and experience level of the management team. Soon I received an offer to join them!

I accepted the position of Director, IT Services on March 30 and started 2 days later. I've only been there a few days and I know I've made the right move.

Question for the readers: What do you look in a company when you interview?

Posted by Tom Limoncelli

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