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Holly from SpiceWorks interviewed me while I was in Austin for the SpiceWorld '14 conference. We talked about DevOps from the SMB "IT guy" perspective, Lord of the Rings, Chef vs. Puppet, and my secret desire start a podcast what would be "the Stephen Colbert of DevOps."

The interview has been published on their community website:

Demystifying DevOps: Q&A with Tom Limoncelli


I'll be giving the Tuesday closing talk about what enterprise IT can learn from cloud or "distributed computing."

I'll be doing a time management class at SpiceWorld.

Read about my talk and the conference at their website.

If you register, use code "LIMONCELLI20" to save 20%.

See you there!

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Tom will be the Tuesday evening Keynote Speaker at SpiceWorks conference known as SpiceWorld. Register today!

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