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You are in a car, driving 60 miles per hour, trying to get to Canada.

You pass through Kansas.

You are driving south.

If you don't understand the problem I'm describing, look at a map.

Now how do you think you should solve this problem?

One might suggest that changing your speed to 30 miles per hour would be an improvement.

Do you agree? I doubt it. I bet most people reading this web site would think that the situation isn't getting better until the car is driving the other direction.

Why do I bring this up?

You've heard that the internet is running out of IP addresses, right? The last few blocks have been allocated and recycling has begun. You think that aggressive use of NAT and "carrier grade NAT" will save you. No, that's slowing down.

It's time to deploy IPv6. Really.

Turn the car around.

Sincerely, Tom

P.S. Both LOPSA Conferences (Cascadia and PICC) have an excellent IPv6 training class. Have you registered yet? Cascadia is in Seattle; PICC is in New Jersey.

Posted by Tom Limoncelli in Parables