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Update 2010-01-26: There is a follow-up article to this here

Update 2009-12-20: Enabling the service wasn't working for a few days. It is now working again. It does not require Premier service. Any Google Apps customer should be able to use it.

Where I work we have a service called "go" which is a tinyURL service. The benefit of it being inside our domain is huge. Since "go" (the shortname) is found in our DNS "search path", you can specify "go" links without entering the FQDN.

That means we can enter "go/payroll" in your browser to get to the payroll system and "go/lunchmenu" to find out what's for lunch today. That crazy 70-char long URL that is needed to get to that third-party web-based system we use? I won't name the vendor, but let me just say that I now get there via "go/expense".

Posted by Tom Limoncelli in Technical Tips