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If you study system administrators and are interested in presenting a paper about it, don't forget that the deadline for CHIMIT '10 is July 3, 2010. (The conference is Nov 12-13, 2010)

People study system administrators? Yes! They do. They want to know how we communicate, how we work, and what tools we use and what tools we dislike.

What is CHIMIT? CHI (Computer-Human Interaction) is the area of research that studies how people interact with computers. For example, usability research falls under the academic category of CHI. CHIMIT is an annual conference for CHI researcher for the Management of Information Technology.

What is CHIMIT '10? It is a conference! The next one is in San Jose, CA from November 12-13, 2010. Is it nearby to where the Usenix LISA conference is held, making it easy to attend both. It is an ACM conference in cooperation with Usenix and SIGCHI.

Can I attend if I'm not a researcher? Absolutely. In fact, we want system administrators to attend. Researchers want to interact with us. Also, it's fun to watch them present about us. The education goes both ways. (and the conference usually has a panel of sysadmins)

Flyer about the conference: flyer in PDF form

More info about the conference:

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Tom's is teaching tutorials and giving two talks during Usenix LISA 2010, San Jose, CA, Nov 7-12, 2010.

Register early! Space in my tutorials is limited!

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Do you work in New Jersey? Let your "IT guy/gal" know how much you appreciate them this Valentines day!

Send this to them, or better yet, open a ticket at your helpdesk with this text!

(And if you really like them, CC: their boss!)

8< ---------- cut here ---------- >8

Happy Valentines Day to my favorite computer system administrator:

You only hear from me
when my computer is blue.
So this Valentine's Day
I'm saying "Thank you!"

I admit my computer problems,
like it's a reality-show confessional.
But you hide your frown,
and act very professional.

I think that you're great!
I know I'm a pest!
But I bring my troubles to you,
because you're the best!

Some roses are red,
some roses are pink.
No candy this year,
but my card's at this link:

Thank you for everything you do! Happy Valentine's Day!


(your name here)

8< ---------- cut here ---------- >8

(Please pass this on to all your friends in New Jersey!)

This campaign is brought to you by and LOPSA-NJ (

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New Jersey (and nearby) sysadmins, network engineers, DBAs, and anyone that considers themselves part of the "IT industry" should check out the LOPSA New Jersey Professional IT Community Conference.

The conference will be Fri/Sat, May 7-8, 2010 in sunny New Brunswick, NJ. I'll be speaking both days.

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Just moments ago Usenix has published their "Call for Participation" for the Usenix LISA 2010 conference. This is a conference that I attend every year because the value I get out of it is undeniable. The speakers are excellent and the topics make me feel like I have access to a crystal ball that lets me see into the future.

The CfP gives a more detailed explanation of the conference and the kinds of talks, papers, and presentations that they are looking for. This is a community conference; talks come from people in the community, not "top down" vendor presentations.

This year adds a new "Practice and Experience" section where people can give a 20 minute talk where people can explain "substantial system administration project that has been completed." Sounds like a great way to learn from other people's mistakes [After I typed that I thought people might think I was kidding or being cynical. Actually, hearing what speedbumps to watch out is pretty darn important!.]

Usenix LISA is unique in that they have a track of refereed papers. These high-quality papers are where some of the biggest system administration innovations have first been published. This year the committee is not requiring full papers, but instead requests 500-1500 word summary. If your paper is accepted you will be expected to produce the entire paper in time for publication. This lowers the barrier to entry and I hope to see a big increase in paper submissions this year (I'm on the panel that votes on papers). If you have done something fantastic, invented a new technique, or written new software that improves the state of the art for system administration, please submit! (Private email to me is fine if you want to ask for advice). Details about submitting papers is here.

Whether you are planning on submitting a proposal or not, reading the full CfP is a great way to understand how a conference like LISA works. When you are presenting or not, I hope to see you there!

Read the entire call for participation here:

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