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All Day DevOps is a global event held on the internet. 24 hours of talks, over 100 speakers, all streaming over the Internet. 17-Oct-2018

Registration is free!

I will be presenting my talk Stealing The Best Ideas From DevOps: Applying DevOps Outside Of SDLC

More info is at:

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My team at Stack Overflow is looking to hire SREs with Windows experience, particularly administration of Microsoft SqlServer.

If you are a system administration looking to move into more of an SRE position, this is an ideal opportunity.

Here's the job listing:

NOTE: While we are a remote-first team with team members all over the world, this position will have occasional datacenter work requirements, which means 1-hour travel time to our Jersey City, NJ datacenter is a requirement.

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Tom will be giving a new talk entitled "My Operations Reform Checklist" at this month's nycdevops Meetup on September 18, 2018.

This is a rehearsal of a talk Tom will be giving at a DOES2018 and LISA2018. After the talk, the audience will be asked for feedback.

Registration and more info is at:

You won't want to miss this!

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LISA this year is in Nashville, TN, Oct 29-31, 2018. The full schedule is up! Registration is open!

Three things you should know:

  1. This year Usenix LISA will be 3 days long, instead of the usual 7. This makes it easier to attend, and more focused. I think this is a really good direction for LISA.

  2. The schedule is awesome. I got super excited while reading the schedule. All the talks seemed to be much more focused and a greater emphasis on cutting edge topics and things I want to learn about but haven't had time to study.

  3. I have discount codes. The first five people that email me will get a 5 percent discount code. Send email to tal at whatexit dot org with the subject "DISCOUNT LISA". These are a special thank you to the readers of my blog.

  4. I'm speaking on Tuesday. (Bonus item). I'll be giving a new talk about reforming your operations team on Tuesday. Hope to see you in the audience!

Register soon!

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I'll be the speaker at this month's NYC DevOps meetup. My topic is about reforming the operations side of DevOps in a new talk called "My Operations Reform Checklist".

  • Topic: My Operations Reform Checklist
  • Speaker: Tom Limoncelli, SRE Manager, Stack Overflow, Inc
  • When: Tuesday, September 18, 2018, 6:30 PM
  • Where: Stack Overflow HQ, 110 William St, NYC, NY

For complete details and to RSVP: