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Archer starts tonight! (and other important TV news)

The new season of Archer starts tonight!! (Mar 31, 2016) at 10pm!

  • The Powerpuff Girls 2016 Reboot starts on April 4th. Set your DVRs now!

  • The Detour starts on April 11. I have high hopes for this show. It is created by Samantha Bee and Jason Jones.

  • Speaking of Samantha Bee, her new weekly news program Full Frontal with Samantha Bee is my new favorite show. I think it shows that she should have replaced Jon Stewart.

  • Silicon Valley's season 3 premieres April 24. If you work at a startup, or just wish you did, you can't miss this show. ProTip: If you DVR can only set up new recordings 14 days in advance, set a reminder in your April 10 todo list.

And also remember my 3 tips for using a DVR to reduce how much time you waste watching TV:

  • Rule 1: If you watch all the way to the end of the program, you have to delete it. Don't give me any of that "Oh, I'll want to watch that again" logic. You don't have enough time to watch everything that gets recorded, let alone watch it a second time.
  • Rule 2: If you add anything to the list of shows that are automatically recorded (Season Passes), you have to delete something of equal length and frequency. Alternative: each month you have to delete at least one hour worth of Season Passes.
  • Rule 3: If it's about to get old enough to be automatically deleted, let it expire. No extending the date. Archiving it to tape because "I'll find time to watch it later" isn't allowed (see Rule 1 about how much free time you have). Dude, ya just gotta learn to let it go. For me, the only exceptions to this rule are the three most important shows I'm watching.

These Tivo tips are from the "how to avoid wasting time" section of Time Management for System Administrators.

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Better yet: save time, money, and carbon impact by transitioning away from traditional television provider + DVR service and infrastructure to low-cost, lightweight on-demand streaming services. ;)


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