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Test post for people using RSS readers

We've made some changes to the website. If you read this blog via an RSS reader (or any "feed reader") posts should appear better now. In particular, the author of the post should show up better.

Posted by Tom Limoncelli


Reading you five by five from

Works like a champ for me, many thanks for cleaning that up!

--Lee 'RSSjunkie' W

No problem in AOL Reader.

People using RSS. There are dozens of us! (working fine from NewsBlur, and thank you).

Can't see much (if any substantial) difference (TT-RSS).




You would have had to make the "before" screencap a day or two ago. The entire RSS feed was rewritten to the new format. However, from the screencaps you provided I do see the author name appearing correctly, which was not happening before.


Looks good in Bazqux