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ACM Interviews: Thomas Limoncelli

I'm excited to announce that I've been interviewed as part of the ACM Interviews series. Listen to the 1-hour interview or read the summary via this link

ACM Interviews are part of the ACM Learning Center (click on Podcasts).

Over the last 20+ years Stephen Ibaraki's interviews have included famous computer scientists and innovators like Vint Cerf, Eric Schmidt, Leslie Lamport, and more. (Complete list here.) Stephen is involved in many professional organizations, he frequently addresses the United Nations, and has received numerous honors including being the first and only recipient of the Computing Canada IT Leadership Lifetime Achievement Award.

I was quite honored to be asked. (Actually I was confused... when approached at an ACM event last year I assumed Stephen was asking me to nominate people worth interviewing, not asking me to be interviewed!)

I consider this a major career milestone. I am grateful to all those that have helped me get to where I am today.

Background on the ACM:

The Association of Computing Machinery (the US representative to the United-Nations(UNESCO)-founded IFIP, International Federation for Information Processing):

The ACM reach is 3.4 million, with 1.5 million users of the digital library and is the largest and most prestigious international professional organization in computing science, education, research, innovation, professional practice (200 events and conferences, 78 newsletters/publications, 37 special interest groups such as SIGGRAPH, the top awards in computing science such as the ACM Turing Award -- the Turing is considered the Nobel Prize of Computing with a 1 Million USD prize.

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Great interview. Congrats, Tom!

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