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IPv6 celebrates its 20th birthday

I remember in the 1990s every vendor was saying, "whoa whoa whoa! You have to give us time to roll out silicon that will support this stuff!" and demanding 10 years before deployment. It takes a while to develop silicon, and years to get it into the field. Well, it has been twice your request. No f'ing excuses. IPv6 should be the default protocol on all network equipment.

Hey FIOS. Hey Comcast. Hey Time Warner! You have no excuse either.

And stop encouraging people to use NAT. That's soooo 1990s. Stateful inspection firewalls do not require NAT.

Posted by Tom Limoncelli in IPv6

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I believe Comcast is 100% IPv6-compatible, although they default to IPv4. I recently turned down Centurylink Gig Fiber in my neighborhood because they were not IPv6-compatible (after an intensely frustrating 2+ hours on the phone with Support trying to figure that out).

I think most of the big eyeball providers in the US and Germany have IPv6. The content side needs lots of work.

Example: My puppet master is IPv6 only and and are not reachable via IPv6.

Here is a nice overview

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