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My credit union tells me their website will be down Saturday night for upgrades. This not only means that they don't have a good DevOps-style rapid release CI/CD system, but that they have no respect for their IT group who should not have been required to spend this week and the entire weekend planning for the upgrade. They should be spending this weekend at the movie theater watching the force awakens.

This is disrespectful of their employees and shows a lack of good management. How could management expect people to focus on a critical upgrade this week?

DevOps isn't just a software release methodology. It is a way to make your work environment predictable, stress-free, and pleasant.

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Maybe the IT staff are people who don't like crowds and weren't planning to see the movie until after the 25th so that the initial standing room only will be down to just mostly crowded.

Or maybe they are Star Trek people.

[If the Credit Union is like others.. this was planned months in advance and only has a small window of getting done between year end reporting and beginning of month reporting. It also can't be done during the day because the databases were new when Nixon was President (even if the bank is only 4-5 years old they support some god awful old stuff from other orgs.]

I assert that the date of the Star Wars release was known longer than the bank's plan. I have no evidence of this, but...

Does this CU have a data center, or do they use a turn-key solution where the data center is in another state? This could be from their vendor if that is the case, and not something they can fully control.

Having worked in Ops for a bank, sometimes these releases have a bunch of dependencies which may need downtime to implement. Or, the financial institution is being conservative with its potential outage policy.

You can always take comfort in knowing that it could be worse. I love my bank (or CU, maybe?), but their IT maintenance strategy baffles me. Every time I go to login to their website, I see this reminder:
"BANKNAME reserves 7 p.m. on Saturdays through 6 a.m. Central time on Sundays for maintenance. Online banking, mobile and phone systems may be periodically unavailable during that window."

Yes, seriously, an 11 hour maintenance window every single week. WTF are they doing over there?!?!

That being said, I've never once had issues accessing any of their online services in the 7 years I've had an account. But still...

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