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Preview 8 chapters from the next edition of TPOSANA

The 3rd edition of The Practice of System and Network Administration won't be out for another year. However, we've released a set of 8 chapters on (SBO). We've taken the previous edition's chapter on "workstations" and expanded it to be an 8-chapter segment on managing a fleet of workstations (laptops and desktops). You'll find we've done something similar for many of the chapters that we're rewriting for the new edition.

Part II: Workstation Fleet Management

Part III is about Servers. But you'll have to wait a while to see those.

IMPORTANT: The SBO system lets you post comments. Please do! We're releasing these chapters because we want feedback. Please at least tell us if we're going in the right direction!

We hope that these new chapters being a DevOps/SRE sensibility to the problem of maintaining a corporate fleet of machines for our users.

I think the funniest line so far is in Chapter 8. The most unique chapter is 11.



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Can't wait to see this book ready! Too bad it is still one more year...

Do I have to be SBO subscriber to read the preview chapters?

Yes, the SBO is where we have our "rough cuts". Subscriptions are pretty inexpensive and a lot of employers have corporate-wide accounts.

At first glance, I read the Chapter 11 title as "Waterboarding New Employees"

@Scott :D

Looks like SBO trial is enough to read the book preview - starting reading now :)

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