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Book Signing at LISA '15

Update Nov 10, 2015: The first 10 people to arrive at the book signing will get a free copy of The Practice of Cloud System Administration! See you there!

I hadn't planned on doing a book signing at LISA this year but a number of people have asked, so I've set one up. You'll have to bring your own copy as I won't have copies to sell or give away.

  • What: Book signing with Tom Limoncelli
  • Where: The Atrium
  • When: Friday, Nov 13 at 1pm - 1:30pm

What about e-books?

I have stickers that I will autograph. Where you stick it is up to you.

Will you be selling or giving away books?

Sadly not this year. That said, feel free to bring books by other authors. I'll sign anything.

Your books are too heavy to bring in my luggage.

That's not really a question, but here is a list of my books sorted lightest first:

Sorry to bother you. Would you sign my book?

Yes! No need to apologize. I love signing books. It doesn't even have to be at the book signing. Stop me on line, in the hallway, or wherever. Authors don't get paid a lot but hearing from fans is worth more than you can imagine.

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