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Ethical Obligations in Internet Operations - Questionnaire

[Guest post by Jan Schaumann)

Actually, it's about Ethics in Internet Operations. No, seriously, it actually is.

As mentioned elsewhere, somehow Velocity NY accepted my talk on 'Ethical Obligations in Internet Operations'. In order to help me better understand our profession(s) and to prepare a better talk, I've put together a short, anonymous questionnaire for everybody involved in "Internet Operations".

"Internet Operations" is the term I use here to combine the various ill- or loosely defined job descriptions relating to the general "tech industry" beyond the job of "Programmer". If you write infrastructure code, you are working in "Internet Operations". If you control the network of your organization and who they peer with, you are working in "Internet Operations". If you run a company that influences how non-technical people use the internet, you are working in "Internet Operations". In short, if you're interested in attending Velocity, you're likely working in "Internet Operations".

Please take the five minutes to fill out this form. If you were to also share the link on your social and professional network, that'd be much appreciated, too. And of course, if you have questions or comments, you can email me at [email protected] or contact me on Twitter @jschauma.

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Using google docs as a platform for an anonymous form is kind of an oxymoron. You don't get info about people that submit them, but google does and isn't shy about collecting it.

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