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Some of my proposals have been accepted at Usenix LISA '15!

My talk and 2 tutorial proposals have been accepted at Usenix LISA LISA Conference!

  • Talk:
    • Transactional system administration is killing us and must be stopped
  • Tutorials:
    • How To Not Get Paged: Managing Oncall to Reduce Outages
    • Introduction to Time Management for busy Devs and Ops
The schedule isn't up yet at []( but Usenix is encouraging speakers to post to social media early this year. See you in Washington DC Nov 8-13, 2015! P.S. You can follow LISA on various social networks:

Update: 2015-06-16 I changed the title to "some of my proposals" instead of "my proposals". To be clear, I had many rejections this year, I just don't blog about those. That said, I think LISA is a better conference when it increases its speaker diversity and you can't do that if the same few people give a lot of talks.

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