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Some of my proposals have been accepted at Usenix LISA '15!

My talk and 2 tutorial proposals have been accepted at Usenix LISA LISA Conference!

  • Talk:
    • Transactional system administration is killing us and must be stopped
  • Tutorials:
    • How To Not Get Paged: Managing Oncall to Reduce Outages
    • Introduction to Time Management for busy Devs and Ops

The schedule isn't up yet at but Usenix is encouraging speakers to post to social media early this year.

See you in Washington DC Nov 8-13, 2015!

P.S. You can follow LISA on various social networks:

Update: 2015-06-16 I changed the title to "some of my proposals" instead of "my proposals". To be clear, I had many rejections this year, I just don't blog about those. That said, I think LISA is a better conference when it increases its speaker diversity and you can't do that if the same few people give a lot of talks.

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